The 3 R’s of Baby Boomers

Recharge, Redesign, Refresh.

Bearing in mind the above, I decided that after nearly 40 years of owning an interior design firm, Homeworks, it was time for a change. Gone were the six other associate designers, full time assistant, full time office manager, full time bookkeeper. I decided it was time to go virtual – no more office space – the name felt wrong for today so I decided to take my own name back. Hence the birth or rebirth of Nancy Serafini Interior Design.I now have a fabulous office in my oh so lovely Boston home, a business manager and an assistant who work from the comfort of their homes. I also decided to redo my website and why not blog like all my young pals – only I am going to focus on us – those terrific children, now adults hopefully, who were born of the
greatest generation.

Life is not over when you reach 60 – it is just beginning . It is my intention to help you make the transition from suburbia to urbia or big to small or small to big – whatever – you don’t have to make a physical move,but it is time to shake things up. And so, watch for my bi-weekly blogs which are sure to have some helpful hints while being thoroughly entertaining!

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